Vision and Mission

Our Vision, Missions and Core Values
KUANI products play an important role in the manufacturing and assembly process that produces some of the hundreds of items we use in our everyday lives. KUANI products also play an important role in the service and repair industry that will take care of things when they go wrong.
KUANI are continually moving forward with new ideas and products to maintain reliability and efficiency wherever they are needed. 

KUANI will gear up your world.

Missions & Purposes

KUANI are striving to develop products that can be used with the minimum of effort, have the highest standard of user comfort and safety and will be manufactured in the most eco-friendly way possible.

Core Values


Health and safety is our main priority, for both our workforce when our products are designed and manufactured and our customers who use them.


KUANI customers are our partners and we will not compete with them. This has always been and will remain the essential factor bringing the success to KUANI.


As the world changes, the best way to keep pace is by bringing in new innovating ideas. KUANI actively pursues innovation in all aspects of technology, marketing and management. 


KUANI has the ability to supply products with the best price performance ratio by adopting Vertical Integration for Cost Control and Technical Development.


KUANI’s horizontal organizational structure allows us to quickly respond to market changes and customer requests.


Harmonious team work is very important to us. KUANI encourages staff to respect and cooperate with each other. 

This is KUANI’s faith and principle. If we make a promise to do something then we keep it.


Is our goal, KUANI knows it has responsibility to the environment and society and we will adapt to using the most eco-friendly methods possible to manufacture and supply our products.