About our Brand - KUANI

Tale of KUANI

The KUANI name is directly translated from the Chinese pronunciation of 冠億. The word 冠 is pronounced as [kuan] meaning “the champion”. The word 億 is pronounced as [ i ] meaning “ billions”. Putting both words together as KUANI means to be the best among billions which is the founder’s expectation of each member of KUANI.

The word “Gear” in our company name was chosen because KUANI initially started out machining gears for other manufacturers. We therefore registered our company as “KUANI GEAR”. After developing and diversifying over the last 30 years KUANI not only focuses on producing air tools, but also on the highly skilled precision machining of parts.

Let KUANI help you to Gear up your world!

Spirit of Brand

K "KNOW-HOW"The workforce at KUANI is the company’s most important asset. Technical knowledge and professional skills are very highly valued. This has been achieved by providing each employee with an opportunity for training and further development of their skills. Various seminars and speeches are held from time to time and in addition to this we also offer a generous in service education scheme to encourage them to upgrade their expertise.

U "UNIQUE"With the optimized synergy of KUANI, the products and services we provide will be unique and customized to our customers.

A "ATTRACTIVE"KUANI offer products and services of the best Price-Performance Ratio which are attractive to our customers.

N "NICE"A word KUANI likes to hear when our customers see our great products!

I "INITIATIVE"Each member at KUANI takes the initiative and makes the effort to fulfill our customer's need.


KUANI’s trademark is composed of two the letters, K and I. This means that we believe the "Know-how" and the “Initiative” are the most important two among our five spirits of brand. Without these two spirits, we could not provide unique, attractive, and nice products.

Our company color scheme uses two colors, blue and yellow. Blue represents the technical Know-how and Yellow for activity and this represents Initiative.

Brand Position

We are proud to say that KUANI as a brand is a "Professional Manufacturer of Power Tools".

Our target customers are both international and local name-brands of hand and power tools. With the upholding of the five sprits brand we are sure KUANI will provide our customers satisfactory products and services.

KUANI's Promise

We promise that each product completed by KUANI has been strictly manufactured and checked based on the original design and pre-set frequency of use.