OEM / ODM - Air Tools Manufacturing

In addition to our manufacturing strength in “OEM / ODM - Precision Parts Machining Division”, KUANI have 30 years professional experience in manufacturing air tools. R&D engineers at KUANI specialize in Pneumatic and Hydraulic Power Tools, and can offer the most proper and professional solutions.

KUANI is also a Pneumatic and Hydraulic Power Tools manufacturer of singular integration of designing, molding, prototyping pilot run and mass production. We conduct the pilot run in-house, allowing us to determine the problems which we may encounter during mass production and solve it immediately.



All the engineers at the KUANI R&D Pneumatic and Hydraulic Power Tools department have at least more than 10 years relevant experience each, enabling KUANI to accept any kind of customizing requirements.

  If we are provided with an engineering graphic, a technical drawing and the required performance specifications KUANI will take care of the rest.
  Even if it’s only a rough sketch of the tool with the required performance specifications then KUANI will handle the full outer design and the internal mechanism details.


KUANI specialize in the following products for both industrial and professional users:

  Air Tools for threaded fasteners, including all kind of Air Wrenches and Screwdrivers.
  Air Tools for assembly work,including Air Riveters and Pull Setters.
  Air Tools for cutting,Including Air Drill, Tapping tools, Cutting Tools, Sheers, Window Cutters, Air punches, Nibblers.
  Air Tools for grinding & polishing,Polisher, Sanders, Die Grinders, Grinders.
  Air Hammers
  Air Spray Guns
  Torque Testers

KUANI have the knowledge and resources to design and manufacture any type of air tool.



To be able to achieve and maintain stable and quality products KUANI can guarantee that all our products are made in Taiwan.

The KUANI Precision Parts Machining Division is currently producing over 80% of all parts used in all KUANI products within our portfolio. KUANI also guarantee that the critically, most important precision made parts are within this 80%.


The air tool assembly line at KUANI is the “U shaped” assembly line reducing working distance and space required. This increases staff efficiency, work output and reduces the work-in-process inventory. The details and processes at the KUANI assembly line have been improved and optimized to become part of our know-how.

Quality Control


In accordance with ISO 9001:2015 KUANI set up a detailed and graphically specified standard operating procedure (SOP) for each manufacturing process. Please refer to the “Quality System of KUANI” for more detail.


All completed air tools at KUANI are tested thoroughly to ensure they perform well and that the tool is safe to be cleaned and packed. KUANI guarantee that a full inspection is carried out on every tool manufactured.


Taiwan’s first Power Tool Vibration and Noise Testing Laboratory, Kente Co Ltd, is owned by KUANI and is certificated by TAF and ILAC-MRA in Taiwan.


KUANI promise that each tool produced complies with the Machinery Safety Directive 2006/42/EC. KUANI have full knowledge and understanding of the EC regulations and can offer full support to all our customers.