Die Casting

With over 30-year well experienced team, advanced Japanese equipment and professional know-how, KUANI die casting is one of the leading manufacturers which serve a wide range of parts for various industries, including general hardware, automotive and medical.


Strict Quality Requirement

Use Static Spraying release agent to lower gas porosity and increase tool’s lifetime.

Automation Machines

Japanese TOSHIBA die casting machines and FANUC robots.

Finished Part Availability

Combined with integrated processes in KUANI Group, we can offer finish parts.

Manufacturing Equipment

Toshiba die casting
135 tons x 1 250, tons x 1, 350 tons x 4, 500 tons x 2
650 tons x 1, 800 tons x 3, 1250 tons x 1
FANUC robots
1,500KG Melting Furnace with auto dispensing system
800KG Melting Furnace with auto dispensing system

  • Melting Furnace
  • FANUC robot
  • Suspended Sand Blasting Machine

Quality Management

Continuously optimizing our quality management to serve our clients with quality products. Each process follows SOP and SIP specified in ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.

Inspection Equipment

Optical Spectrometer
X-ray analysis
High precision granite platform
Height Gauge

  • X-ray analysis
  • Optical Spectrometer