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  Angle Impact Wrenches

KUANI's angle impact wrenches are the best in their class for power and performance. The narrow clearance of head is designed to allow the tool to be used with ease in confined spaces. 

Angle impact wrenches maintain the strong characteristics of regular impact wrenches with a powerful torque output and fast rundown speed. KUANI’s angle impact wrenches offer more when working in small spaces and take away the inconvenience of using a standard impact or ratchet wrench with added extensions and universal joints. This series provides working efficiency and productivity with Max reverse torque up to 180 ft-lbs / 244 Nm.

Tool List:

Model No.
Anvil Size Free
Working Torque
@ 5th Sec.
SQ. DR. R.P.M ft-lb N.m.
KI-1375-A 3/8" 7,000 160 217
KI-1475-A 1/2" 7,000 180 244