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  Hyper-Compact Impact Wrench

KUANI now offer a new solution for removing stubborn nuts or bolts in places where a regulate impact wrench cannot access.
KI-1478 is the most powerful and light weight in its class ,it delivers impressive max torque 500 f t-lb in reverse ,with 10,000 rpm free speed and only 113 mm in length.
KI-1479 is an advance version of the KI-1469 and is only 97 mm is length with a max reverse torque of 500ft-lb (678 Nm). While its size gives free access in confined spaces, its powerful torque output suppresses any other existing regular alternatives such as the angle impact wrench or impact ratchet. The fast rundown gets the job done with speed and ease


Model No.
Anvil Size Free 
Working Torque
@ 5th Sec.
SQ. DR. R.P.M ft-lb N.m.
KI-1369 3/8" 6,500 300 407
KI-1469 1/2" 10,000 500 678
KI-1469T 1/2" 10,000 500 678
KI-1479 1/2" 9,500 500 678
KI-1478 1/2" 10,000 500 678